Due to the notorious outbreak of 2019-nCoV Virus from January, there are overwhelming blow to pubic health and economy in China and all over the world. So during the whole Spring Festival for last 15 days every Chinese turned the national Carnival to solitude of self-isolation, which are the great commitment of everyone to contain the propagation speed and scope of the virus. Even though according to China’s Government till 24:00 10th Feb that there are 42,638 confirmed affected cases (31,728 in Hubei Province), and 1016 patients have been dead (974 in Hubei Province).  By now there are 299 affected cases confirmed in Shanghai, and 1 patient was dead due to this virus. 
Anyway, the State Council had extended the Spring Festival to 3rd Feb, and the Shanghai Government don’t allow companies return to work before 10th Feb. Hence today we are officially starting to work, and our R&D team and supply-chain team resume their work, still and all the society and the economy are not fully functioned yet. The operation of domestic education sector will be delayed for a while as the off-line education activity, from schools(no matter private or public) and training centers, are not allowed before end of Feb in most cities of China. But we will continue to work with our partners closely in each region globally and commit to carrying out the plan of Enjoy AI International Competition for 2020. 
What’s more, we will stick to the plan for the new products development of MakeU, big-particle brick robot, and release this product no late than this April. 
At last, thank you for all our partners support all the time, and hope the coronavirus be under control soon. 
Pray for the people who are sick because of the virus no matter where they are. 
United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best for 2020!