AI Module 2 Models




AI module 1 controller


(AI Module 2S is applicable)

Intelligent Servo Motor

More Convenient: original 8 direction connection, it can be set with beams, pins, shafts based on more quickly building

More Accurate: 400% higher accuracy than DC closed-loop motors

More vivid: small and light, composed of bionic joints, a variety of vivid project

Servo motor
ultrasonic sensor ai module 2

Ultrasonica Sensors

Make robots smart to avoid obstacles

It can be used for robotic ranging, obstacle avoidance
and advance path planning

AI Module 1 gray touch sensor

Touch Sensor

Touch switch, detect obstacles

Used for collision detection and
touch detection

Vision Sensor 2.0

The robot can recognize cards(numbers, shapes, signs, etc.),
color, QR codes, trackballs, etc
It can also customize the card for self-training
as well as image transmission timely.

Literacy, Self-Learning

AI Module 2 emotional screen

The Emotional Screen

allows the robots to freely express its feelings and communicate with children

AI Module can express its feelings at any time through a modular emotional screen

With artificial intelligence technology, AI Module can understand children's mood and
communicate with them

omnidriectional wheel

Professional Omnidirectional Wheel for more flexible movement

New professional-grade omnidirectional wheels, robots can move in any direction
teaching and contesting projects are more competitive and interesting.

Gearing parts, structural parts and appearance parts 

AI Module 2 has more than 480 parts which function as gearing parts, structural parts, connectors and appearance parts

Children can build diverse teaching and competition projects upon these parts

gearing parts
Language Platforms 1

4+1 Full Language Programming + Full Platform Supporting

Key to the Future



C Language

language platforms 2

4+1 Full Language Programming + Full Platform Supporting

Key to the Future

Three basic


Voice-Gravity-Virtual remote control




Servo Motor


AI Music Programming, Blending Art and Technology

Everyone can create their own music. Robots can automatically generate dances based on music

Everyone is scientist, and everyone is a musician

AI Module 2 Packs

AI Module 2201

AI Module 2S

AI Module 2

AI Module 2mini