AI module 1 controller


AI Module 1 gray infrared sensor

Infrared Sensor

allows the robot to see further

Used for distance measurement
obstacle avoidance and advanced path planning

AI Module 1 gray scale sensor

5-in-1 integrated grayscale sensor

Less wiring and easier connection

Paired with controller to conduct line patrol mission
Faster and more accurate
Easy to use

AI Module 1 gray touch sensor

Touch sensor

Touch switch , detect obstacle

Used for collision detection and touch detection

Closed Loop DC Motor

Operating Voltage: 6V-9V, No-load rotation speed : 420±10rpm

Rotation torque: 0.05N*M, Blocking torque: 0.25N*M


The emotional screen

allows the robots freely to express its feelings and communicate with children

AI Module can express its feelings at any time
through a modular emotional screen.
With artificial intelligence technology ,
AI Module can understand children's mood and communicate with them.

Gearing parts, structural parts and appearance parts

AI Module 1 has more than 600 parts with function as gearing parts, structural parts, connectors and appearance parts 

Children can build diverse teaching and competition projects upon these parts 

gearing parts, structural parts and appearance parts

Family Pack
Mini Version

Family Pack

Education Pack