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We always believe that we are a lucky generation who were born in an unprecedented society with technology revolution and industry upgrade under the background of national rejuvenation. Since our earliest memory, we are always growing up together with our country. Although the developing path of our nation is full of challenges and difficulties, the whole country is becoming stronger and brighter, making its people happier and more confident.

Being young and well educated, we are committed to realize our great dreams by industrious learning from the very beginning, working hard and never giving up innovation. We have prepared for fifteen years for the development of juvenile AI industry, and we always believe that educational robots, robot education, and programming education will be the triggers of the prosperity of juvenile AI industry. The truth has proved our vision: it is estimated that, the global market volume for juvenile AI by 2025 shall exceed $80 billion. Fifteen years ago, we started from scratch with exploring products and business models. Now we finally have the ability to achieve explosive growth of our business. The outbreak of a new industry requires a hero, we hope to be that hero.